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simple | mobile | fast

What do we offer?

We replace your customer service hotline with a messenger service, significantly reducing phone calls and emails. We speed up the access to all service-relevant master data and documents of plant, equipment and vehicles.

How does it work?

We equip your plant, equipment and vehicles with ID cards. Your customers and employees get access to a messenger service as well as all service-relevant master data and documents by scanning the ID card’s QR code with the smartphone.

What does it bring?

Our solution reduces your personnel costs, speeds up your customer service, increases customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. It creates transparency and sustainability by making your customer service success measurable in real time.

What makes the difference?

Unlike other solutions, with a website as a central customer service portal, every plant, every equipment and every vehicle in our solution has its own individual customer service portal that your customer can access via the ID card.

Who are our customers?

Our customers include capital goods and high-end consumer goods manufacturers, engineering companies and service stations whose products and services are expected to deliver high-class customer service.

How to start?

We offer you an attractive starter package. It contains 20 ID cards and a standard platform for 3 users. You will not incur any monthly costs. The ID cards are available for 50% of their list price. Start now.

list prices

standard platform (maximum 3 users) 0 € / month
standard platform (unlimited number of users) 450 € / month + VAT
ID Card 15,00 € + VAT

messenger service

The standard platform includes the messenger service and a mailing service.

reference data

The standard platform includes a reference data management system.


The standard platform includes a document management system.

simple | mobile | fast

This is how customer service needs to work.


With a simple scan of the the ID card’s QR code your customer gets access to your customer service. No apps need to be installed for this. Access is protected by two-factor authentication.


Your customers just need their smartphones to send service requests and access all service-relevant master data and documents.


The use of the messenger service makes up to 75% of all phone calls and emails superfluous. All service requests are forwarded directly to staff in charge.


You manage your customer service portal on a web-based platform. To use the platform, it is not necessary to install apps or other software on your computers or mobile devices.

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