Building a new manufacturing plant for DMG MORI in Russia

DMG MORI has been successfully working with Setcons for years to expand its business to new geographies.

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Mar 10, 2021

DMG MORI is a worldwide leading manufacturer of machine tools with sales revenues of more than € 4billion and around 7,200 employees.

The company is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of cutting machine tools such as turning and milling machines. The company operates 21 production sites worldwide. DMG Mori machines are used across various industries from aerospace, automotive to medical equipment. 

DMG MORI has been operating production facilities throughout the globe in the United States, Europe and Asia. Together with the client we evaluated the potential to strengthen the company‘s position in the CCE region through the establishment of a production facility in Russia.

Producing locally and thereby strengthening the company’s local market presence displays both tremendous business opportunities and risks. The client has, therefore, asked us to evaluate all core operational risks of building a new production plant in Russia. Setcons assisted DMG MORI along the entire process of identifying the right location in Russia, planning and executing the construction of the new facilities, up to operating the plant together with DMG MORI in Russia.

The result has been a state of the art production facility, which has been completed on time and budget. The new plant allows DMG MORI to better serve the CCE region, strengthening both the distribution and marketing of CNC machines as well as to improve local service levels. 

The main success factor in completing the project on time has been the application of our document management system Setcons to assist the localization, adoption and construction of DMG‘s manufacturing processes in Russia. 

Furthermore, digitising the entire planning and construction process helped DMG MORI to guarantee a smooth transition into the operational launch of the plant as well as its future maintenance.