service access points (SAP)

Equip all operational relevant objects of your buildings with ID cards. By scanning the ID card with the smartphone's camera, you will be after successful authorization able to access all data, documents and events linked with the object.

How does it work?


With a simple scan of the the ID card’s QR code and after a short authorization process the user gets access to all data and documents linked with the ID card of the object as well as access to a messenger service.


All data, documents and events can be accessed up at any time and via mobile directly on the real object. New data and documents can be added. An app does not need to be installed.


With the help of the messenger service messages can be sent in relation to events such as defects, acceptances, inspections, maintenance and repairs. All messages are forwarded directly to staff in charge.

free full version

We are the only provider to offer you a free full version for 3 users and 3GB of storage space, which you can use for both private and commercial use without a time limit.

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