Digital building and plant information model

Facility management | Shopfloor monitoring

Graphically interactive and web-based
building and plant information model

Das Projekt wurde mithilfe der finanziellen Förderung aus dem Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung realisiert.

our solution


setcons does not require installation of any software.


setcons is a modular system that is easy to use despite its complexity.

Internet of things

setcons allows to connect virtual objects with real things.

object - oriented and graphically interactive

Building and plant information model

The interactive objects (e.g. rooms, plant and machinery) of the graphically represented buildings, facilities and processes serve as a universal interface for the connection of everything of relevance:

  • - Parameters
  • - Documents
  • - Multimedia
  • - Repair information
  • - Maintenance information
  • - Sensory data (temperature, meters, operation status)

Collaboration tools

To ensure efficient collaboration, the user of the infomation system has the following tools avaiable:

  • - Notification system
  • - Meeting minutes
  • - Task management

fields of application

Areas of application

Industrial plants
Manufacturing plants
Real estate

Subject areas

Project management | Facility management
Shopfloor monitoring